Our Mission

SARA is dedicated to bringing safe, compassionate, and timely medical imaging services
to all of Southern Arizona.

Next Day Mammogram Appointments Available in Tucson, Arizona

You can easily schedule your mammogram at our Tucson and Sierra Vista locations after we receive an order from your healthcare team. Our Tucson location often has appointments available within 24 hours.

We have extended our special breast imaging and breast procedure cash pricing. Click “Cash Fees” to view our cash pricing.

Cash Fees

Walk-in X-ray Available in Tucson and Sierra Vista, Arizona

Do you have an x-ray order from a healthcare provider? Bring it to our Tucson or Sierra Vista locations to have your x-ray performed today!

We are a homegrown radiology practice, locally owned by our radiology team. Many of our radiologists grew up in Southern Arizona and are proud to serve our local communities.

Our Doctors

Excellence and Compassion
in Medical Imaging

You and your healthcare team can rely on our level of diagnostic excellence to create an informed treatment plan — no matter the healthcare issue you’re facing.

Whether you need an annual screening mammogram or are ready to see an ultrasound image of your baby during pregnancy, we are here to help!

Many doctors and healthcare clinics trust Southern Arizona Radiology Associates with their patients’ radiology needs and refer patients to our radiology practices located in both Sierra Vista and Tucson.

Learn More About Our Radiology Services in Tucson and Sierra Vista, AZ

At Southern Arizona Radiology Associates, we offer the following radiology services to Southern Arizonans and their families:

Our radiologists have additional subspecialty training to bring you specialized care for all of your radiology needs.