Annual Screening Mammogram Scheduling

We can accommodate you for your annual screening mammogram at SARA Tucson and SARA Green Valley as soon as we obtain an order from your physician. Appointments at SARA Sierra Vista are available in approximately 2 weeks. Our scheduling team will call to arrange your appointment at the phone number provided on this form.

Please note that this form is for scheduling annual screening mammograms only. If you are currently experiencing a new breast problem or new breast symptoms, please call (520) 335-6849 to schedule an appointment for your diagnostic mammogram, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast biopsy, or other imaging examination. 

If you would prefer to schedule your annual screening mammogram over the phone, or if you need any additional assistance, call (520) 335-6849 to speak with our scheduling team.

Self-Requested Annual Screening Mammograms

If you want to request your own mammogram on your own initiative, we can accommodate you. Self-requested mammogram appointments are available to patients who:

  1. Have a healthcare provider who accepts responsibility for their clinical breast care.
  2. Are at least 40 years old.
  3. Have never had breast cancer.

We will contact your healthcare provider and obtain an order for you before your mammogram appointment.

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