DEXA Body Composition Analysis in Tucson

Welcome to Southern Arizona Radiology Associates, where we are committed to providing comprehensive and advanced radiological services to our communities. We are excited to announce the addition of DEXA Body Composition Analysis to our range of preventative health services, empowering you to proactively take control of your health, physical fitness, and general wellness. We are proud to offer this service for an out-of-pocket cash price of $65. This service is only available at our Tucson location.

What is a DEXA Body Composition Scan?

DEXA, or Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, is a cutting-edge technology traditionally used for bone density testing. Now, we are pleased to extend the capabilities of DEXA to include precise body composition analysis. This non-invasive and highly accurate method utilizes low-dose X-rays to measure and differentiate between bone, lean tissue, and fat within the body. The analysis provides a general overview of body fat percentage, and also provides a detailed breakdown of fat and lean tissue broken down by each body part, which can reveal asymmetries in the body that may be attributed to muscle imbalance or weakness.

Why Choose DEXA Body Composition Analysis?

Precision and Accuracy:

DEXA is renowned for its accuracy in distinguishing between various tissues in the body, providing precise measurements of bone mineral density, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Comprehensive Insights:

Gain a deeper understanding of your body composition beyond what traditional scales or measurements, and other methods can offer. Identify areas of strength, monitor changes in muscle mass, and track progress in your fitness or wellness journey.

Early Detection and Monitoring:

Detect and monitor changes in body composition over time, helping to identify potential health risks such as osteoporosis, muscle imbalances, or obesity.

Customized Health Plans:

Armed with detailed insights from DEXA analysis, your healthcare provider, fitness instructor, trainer or coach, and other wellness professionals can work with you to create personalized health and fitness plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.

How Does DEXA Body Composition Analysis Work?

During a DEXA scan, you will lie comfortably on the scanning table as the machine passes over your body, emitting two different energy beams of low-dose X-rays. The information gathered is processed by the scanner software to generate a detailed report that includes measurements of bone density, fat distribution, and lean muscle mass. The amount of radiation from a single DEXA Body Composition Scan is very low, ranging between 0.001 to 0.03 millisieverts (mSv) depending on the scanner used and the scan performed, or equivalent to about 3 hours to 4 days of the normal background radiation we all receive from the atmosphere.

How Much Does DEXA Body Composition Analysis Cost?

We are proud to offer this preventative health service as a self-pay option only for $65. Most insurances do not cover this exam. Payment would be due at the time of service.

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